As you’ve likely noticed, we’ve been working on the trimwork for our house. It’s been slow, tedious, frustrating, and sometimes downright painful! We’re getting closer though, thank goodness! We’ve got the scraping/caulking done on the bedroom windows, picture window, front door, and we’re getting close to finishing the bathroom window. After that it’s two little windows for the kitchen, a window in the laundry room, the garage door, back door, and the pair of small garage windows….

This week I plan to start painting (weather permitting) on the windows we have scraped and caulked, so that the amount of weather damage is minimized. Right now I plan to have to do 1 coat of primer and two coats of paint, but we’ll see how well both paint and primer cover. I’m also working in the garage on repairing some glazing on our bathroom window. There’s only about 4 windows left on the property that still have the old-style single pane windows, but every one of them needs new glazing. *sigh* Such is life I suppose. Sadly, those windows won’t be able to be painted for at least a week while the glazing skins over enough to be painted. Honestly, there’s some excellent reproductions out there, so even if you own an old home–if you are in need of new glaze, just buy new windows–the headache isn’t worth it! I suppose you could hire a pro, too–either way–don’t do it yourself!

While I’m on here, I am looking at some stuff that I want to do for future projects…if I win the lottery! Ha! 😛 So anyway, here’s some ideas for ya!



You really have to see this one in person to fully appreciate the beauty–it’s definitely a showstopper! I’d like to have that in my bathroom as the flooring.

I think a medallion like this would be awesome on the countertop with a clear glass bowl sink centered over it–what do you think?

So, yeah, hopefully we win the lottery soon! 😛


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