New McCall’s

OK, aside from two patterns in particular, I’m sadly underwhelmed by the new offerings of McCall’s…perhaps I’m too picky? Quite possibly. So here’s my two picks:

I know, you’re underwhelmed too, right? Well, at least we can share in the misery together. 😛 That’s OK though, as I think I’m going on a McCall’s “diet”. I think I’ll probably try to save my money and purchase only Burda and Kwik Sew for the rest of the year….I prefer those to many of the other pattern offerings anyway. 🙂

Speaking of Burda, I’m almost finished with the 124A wrap top that I’ve mentioned previously. The built-in shelf bra is putting a kink in my progress (read: I’ve had to rip some stitches), but hopefully, when I’m feeling more capable I’ll get out of bed and into the sewing room! 🙂 Speaking of bed, I’d probably better get there–if I don’t rest up, I’ll never get over this crappy-ness I’ve gotten. 😦

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