Yikes! It’s a wadder!

You might recall that I was working on McCall’s 4381 a while back that I had some issues with and was going to go back and fix it….well, somewhere in the black hole of my sewing room are the directions for that shirt. However, I didn’t even get to the point where I would need them…while I was trying to rip out the stitches so that I could do my repair, I snagged some fabric and made a big nasty pair of puckering snags–right in the front. 😦 So, yeah….I trashed it. Apparently, the sewing-gods didn’t want me to finish this project.

I’ve had to postpone Burda 124A again too….everyone I know is having a baby! Yikes! So I’m drafting the pattern up for gifts for them. I’ve got a good base pattern, and a good memory, so I don’t forsee any major issues with the semi-draft that I’m doing for them.

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