Thursday thoughts

I’m completely at a loss for a good post, but I’ve got all sorts of things running through my mind right now. Do you ever have times like that? You have all sorts of ideas, worries, and other random thoughts running through your brain and you can’t seem to focus? I’m there.

Anyway, I’m stuck. I have a “sewing plan” written on my dry erase board, but I really am not motivated to work on them….regardless of the fact that I really NEED to be motivated to work on them. I’ve got shirts for my son, a couple for my husband, and a quilt to finish. But, typical me, by the time I get everything cut out, I’ve pretty much lost interest in the project. Maybe it’s because I hate cutting things out? Or, I suppose I could just have ADD or something.

House projects are kind of “on hold”. We can’t seem to decide on a trim color, so we can’t paint until we do…I’m scared I’m going to just “pick one” and then hate it. We’re also waiting on our new windows…..STILL. I did get to do some spraying tonight, no more spiders in the house! 😛 I don’t care if they are outside, but once they cross that threshold……they will DIE!!!


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