Kwik Sew 3211

I just finished up some long-sleeved shirts for my son, because he was in dire need. Good thing too, since Fall seemed to be asserting itself even before it’s first day. I’m pretty excited about them, I think they’re pretty cute, and he looks pretty cute in them….of course, I could be biased. 😉

I posted a review on Pattern Review for it, but I’m going to put a slightly more detailed one there than I will here, because there’s not much point in it.

Kwik Sew 3211 Review:

I made the long-sleeved shirt in size T2 (increased to 3T length for my lanky son–I’d recommend doing that on each size)

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, except the placket.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Extremely so.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I don’t know if it’s me, the pattern, or what; but the placket and the collar just didn’t ever come out quite right–no matter how perfectly I matched up notches, carefully I cut the fabric, traced out the lines, matched up the lines, etc. it just didn’t look smooth. The bottom of the placket always had a little ripple in it.

Fabric Used: Since I’ve made 4 of these all at once, I’ve used several fabrics, all different types of knits.

Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: Hmmmm….well, I left off the little cuffs on the last two that I made. Sewing those teensy little armholes is kind of a pain anyway, but having to make sure that all those layers lined up and having all those pins just made it nearly impossible for my fat/unskilled fingers to work with it. I made it through, and they look really cute, but I won’t be doing them again.

I don’t know for sure if this is a “pattern alteration/design change”, but I left out a rather redundant step. They have you stitch the collar in place, then stitch a strip that covers the seam over the old stitches. I just stitched it all at once after the first go-round. Seemed like a waste of time/thread to sew over that same area (after adding in the strip) a second time. I didn’t notice that it affected the quality or process adversely.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Oh yes!!! I’ll be sewing this again in both the short and long-sleeved versions until he outgrows the pattern. The benefits of having clothes that fit my “lanky” child far outweigh the annoyance of the ripple in the placket.

I definitely recommend it to others, it’s quick to put together, you could easily churn out a couple of these a day while still getting your other chores around the house done. And they are pretty darn cute!

So yeah, I also have some pictures to share, though I only took pictures of 2 of the 4. Maybe someday I’ll get a picture of the others, but not today.

Aqua striped shirt
I think this one is pretty cute, not perfect (it’s the “muslin”) but it made a decent wearable muslin.

My favorite
This one’s my favorite, it’s also the warmest. I wish the stretch would have went the other way so that I could have made it with horizontal stripes, but no dice. Even with that, my son looks EXTREMELY cute in it–maybe I’ll have to get a picture of him wearing it sometime. Can’t you just picture it with some khaki pants and a little white vest? OK, so that might look a little too “I’m in a wedding”, but I don’t have a daughter, so I gotta have some fun with my son’s clothes, (as long as I don’t make them “girly”) right?


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