Yay! More shirts!

After killing half of the day picking up fabric for the rest of my son’s wardrobe, I finally got some sewing time in this evening. I made up two sweatshirts using Kwik Sew 3211. All I did was leave out the front placket and attached some “ribbing” all the way around the neckline to make it look more like a real sweatshirt. I left off the ribbing on the bottom though–I always think it looks kind of goofy anyway. Unfortunately, since my “sweat” fabric didn’t have enough stretch to it, I couldn’t do a self-fabric collar/cuffs, so instead of the gray one having gray collar/cuffs, it has black, because I just happened to have a nice stretchy black knit that worked perfectly for the collar and cuffs on both shirts.

Some tips for anyone else who thinks they’d like to do the same (Kwik Sew patterns aren’t cheap!) are to take 1/8″ off of the front neckline when you cut it out, grading to nothing at the shoulder seams–that way it will easily fit over your child’s head. You’ll add a collar later on anyway, so it won’t be pulled away from your child’s neck. Definitely check the fit though before attaching the collar, so that you can easily cut away a tad more excess if you need to. I’d also recommend attaching the cuffs before sewing the arm seams–while it doesn’t look as neat, it’s much easier to manipulate, and it’s doubtful anyone will notice, as long as your serger thread is a relatively close match. I got lazy on the last shirt and decided to do that since I just happened to have black serger thread and was sewing a black sweatshirt.

I’m reading the instructions for Kwik Sew 3211 (pants this time) and Kwik Sew 2858, because I hope to use those two patterns to make jeans for my son starting tomorrow. He’s usually one size down on the waist and two or three sizes up on length, so we’ll see how that goes. I bought some 10 oz. denim from Jo-Ann’s, hopefully, that will hold up to a rowdy toddler…!!

In other news, I joined a sewing contest on Pattern Review–wish me luck!


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