Housekeeping Tip #1

I hate cleaning floors. H.A.T.E. doing it. I don’t know why; my hatred is completely irrational, and I know it. But there’s something about sweeping floors feels like the BIGGEST waste of time. However, I also know that they don’t clean themselves, *sigh* and there’s very few things more disgusting than little crunchies under your feet or discovering something sticky as you walk across your kitchen. So, I like to invest some time and effort into a good floor wax. Why? Because it makes cleaning up messes (and if you’ve got a toddler or baby, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) SOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier. So seriously, go to the store and purchase a good quality wax–extra emphasis on the GOOD QUALITY part. 🙂

I used some day before yesterday called Trewax, and while it works great in the bathroom (two coats), my kitchen flooring (a unique laminate click flooring) already has some scratches in the wax from our dining chairs (they are wheeled chairs). However, using an old mop (or a new cheapie) makes the application of this stuff easy-peasy, and it only takes 30 minutes to dry enough to walk on it. I’d recommend it for your bathrooms and other areas where you have actual vinyl/linoleum. 🙂 Happy waxing! 😛


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