Instant gratification project?

I needed an instant gratification project, I had some fit issues on a pair of jeans (Kwik Sew2858) that I had made for my son, and I was feeling kind of down and out about it. So, I decided to pick up on a project that a friend of mine requested I make for her. They are little burp rags (pre-folds) that have a strip of fabric for “pretty” on them….sounds simple, no? Actually, trying to keep the pre-folds from shifting is a royal pain in the you-know-what, even with the IDT on my machine. However, my practice version did seem to turn out OK, with the exception of one corner being shifted just a smidge, I was hoping I would be the only one to really notice it, but when I showed it to the hubs, that was the first thing he commented on. Damn. So I will try to rip out the stitches in that area and see if I can fudge it enough to make it look pretty until I get the hang of these.

Here’s hoping that the pants that don’t fit my son will fit another little boy I know–one that is still wearing diapers! 🙂


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