One of the hardest things in life…

…is potty training! Holy cow! Who knew that teaching a kid to use the potty was so stressful/daunting/time-consuming/nervewracking/insert-your-own-adjective-here? I certainly didn’t! Don’t get me wrong, I adore my son, but I’m about ready to ship him off to someone else until he’s trained! Perhaps I was too flippant about how easy it was going to be in the beginning; I thought “oh, he’ll watch daddy use the toilet a couple of times and we’ll be good to go”….how in the world did I become so naive? But then, he’s a boy, so I figured he’d be peeing off the porch and all I’d have to do is remind him that we live in town and that he needs to use our INDOOR facilities. 😛 Yeah, no dice. 🙂

On a positive note, he IS getting better, he only had one incident today, and he wouldn’t have had that if I’d have paid attention to the time a bit better….I really need to start remembering to set a timer!


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