Lost: Motivation. If found please call…

Yes, I’ve lost my motivation. My sewing room is feeling lonely and neglected, my machines think I don’t love them anymore, and my son keeps asking me where his new pants are. I want to sew, really, I do; but I just can’t seem to force myself to go down to the dungeon and fire up my sewing machines. My hubby keeps asking me what progress I’ve made, and I have to tell him that I haven’t even gotten up the motivation to go down and cut out the next two pairs of pants for my son, quilt the top of my son’s quilt, or any of the other bits of miscellaneous sewing that I’m in various stages of completion on. 😦 I almost feel overwhelmed by all the UFO’s. I’m tempted to actually bring my sewing machine upstairs and put it on the kitchen table until I finish that quilt. Maybe if hubby nags at me about having the machine in the way, I’ll get that part out of the way at least, and goodness knows it’s taking up a large amount of space. I should do that. Do you suppose it’ll bring back some of my sewing mojo?


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