Nearly complete!

I can’t believe it! I parked my booty in front of the sewing machine today, and I got my son’s quilt quilted! I tried to put on the border/binding, but I goofed it up, and since I suspect that I’ll need more fabric to do the mitered corners (because right now it looks like a kind of unique mattress pad instead of a quilt) I’ll have to make a run to town. Hopefully, I can find some fabric, and the ladies at the quilt shop will either a) know someone to bind this darn quilt, or b) be able to tell me/show me how to fix it. *fingers crossed* Either way is fine, and I’m super pumped because I quilted it all by myself! 🙂 Yay for me! It’s not perfect (first time), but it’s not too bad–I pieced it together pretty accurately, so that probably helped a lot.

I did learn today though, quilting–just not my thing. It’s tedious, and honestly (no offense to you lovely ladies with the patience to do it!) it’s pretty boring. I don’t have the patience or the ability to sit still that long, and my toddler concurs. 😛 So, it’s the first (and last!) quilt I’ll ever make.


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