Great news!

My quilt can be saved! And fairly easily too…..I think….or so they say…. I took it to the store this morning to have them look it over, and it sounds like an easy fix. I don’t even have to buy more fabric! I should be able to piece in some of what I already have on hand. (Since it’s kind of a scrappy quilt to begin with, it won’t be too out of place.) I’ll just have blocks in the corners instead of mitered ones–it wasn’t my original vision (obviously :-P) but at this point I couldn’t care less as long as it’s completed before the end of the week!

I also got two linings stitched up for the next couple of pairs of pants for my little man–I’m doing a two-at-a-time sewing plan today, so I cut out the pieces for both pairs this morning. After that, I’ve got a three-at-a-time session with pajamas to get them out of the way, and actually, it will be like 3.5, since I’m making a long-sleeved shirt out of the pajama top portion of the pattern. (Have I mentioned how expensive Kwik Sew patterns are?) I think it’ll be perfect if I adjust the placement of the buttons (or snaps in this case) though I might do some other small tweaks to get it to look exactly like I want it too. 🙂


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