My new dress: Vogue 8513

So, today I completed a dress that I have for a special occasion tonight. One of my husband’s relation is getting married, and I needed something to wear. I purchased this pattern thinking it was cute and would be quick to put together. Three days, much swearing, and a few tears later, I have a finished dress. My review of the dress is after the jump.

ETA: Will add pictures later, can’t seem to take a good one of myself. Yay! Pictures!

Front View

Back View

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes, sort of.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Well, yes and no. For the most part they were easy to follow, however, the part where you sew the weird front panel part could use a bit better instruction.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I liked the look of the pattern drawing, but worried that since it wasn’t sewn up and on a model that the front was going to be as low as I feared. In the end, I raised the neckline about 3 inches to get it where I thought it would be appropriate for the most occasions. I didn’t care for the appearance of the sleeves or the method of sewing them in, so I ultimately made this dress sleeveless instead of 3/4 like I wanted after sewing in one of them. I don’t like the front panel near so much now that I’ve sewn it in–it looks like it might be cute in the drawing, but after you’ve fought with it, it doesn’t look like it was worth it. 😉 Still cute though.

Fabric Used: Some sort of knit that wore out needles very quickly (had some sort of little metallic detail on it) and lined it with tricot. I’d recommend using a heavier fabric and leave the lining out altogether–all those layers were a battle where the front panel meets the bodice. Especially as slippery as the tricot was on that knit.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I raised the neckline….A LOT. 3″ total, and I still wouldn’t say that it was “matronly”, it’s modest, to be sure, but not matronly. I ended up making the front bodice closer to the size 6 mark than the size 14 that I typically wear in the Big 4 patterns, and while it’s tighter than I’d do again, I probably would have gone with a size 8–that’s a big difference from a size 14 though!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? No, it’s not worth the headache. I’d say that to others too. There’s so much that needs to be altered, between the neckline being so low and the sizing being so huge, if I wanted to go to so much work changing it, I’d have drafted my own.

Conclusion: In the end, I like the dress, but I also hate it, know what I mean? Overall, I was disappointed in this pattern, this was my first Vogue pattern, and if they are all like this one, it may be my last.


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