My sewing pet peeve

Why do sewing machine dealerships always have to look so trashy? I mean, they always look like a cross between a run down truck stop and a sleazy used car dealership. And maybe it’s just my area, but they also seem to be located in odd neighborhoods–either in a “bad” part of town or just way out of the major shopping districts. I’ve seen TWO really nice sewing machine dealerships, and at least 6 that were largely…erm….NASTY.

Here’s a note to anyone that wants to open up a sewing machine dealership–UPKEEP AND LOCATION ARE IMPORTANT!!!!! I refuse to purchase from a dealer if their building looks like crap on the outside, no matter how nice it is on the inside (which I won’t know, because I won’t go in). And if I have to go WAY out of my way or into an unsafe neighborhood, I’ll probably reconsider my “needs” as well.


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