More cuteness!

I know, you probably can’t stand any more of my son’s adorable wardrobe, but you’ll have to bear with me for a couple more photos, there’s only a couple more pieces that I have to make for the sewing contest. One more pair of pants and a topper (which will be a hooded corduroy vest). I should have the last pair of pants finished tomorrow, and the vest shortly thereafter. 🙂

This shirt is based off of the same Kwik Sew pattern as the others (KS 3211), again without the button up part. The fabric is a jersey from Anne at Needle Nook fabrics, and the neckline is some plain white ribbing that I picked up from there as well. I used a double needle for the very first time on the lower and sleeve hems–it worked very well. Thanks for that tip, Anne! I’m getting so fast at these, I think it takes less than an hour to finish one of these shirts. 🙂

The pants are also made by me. 😉 Modified from KS 3211 and a RTW pair that I loved that DS had outgrown before they fit him around the waist. They are made of a fabric called Supplex and lined with a “camo”-colored knit. These two fabrics also came from Needle Nook, and aside from the supplex being a bit ravelly, it was surprisingly easy to work with. I made three pairs of these pants, one in a khaki color, and two in black like you see here. The black ones are told apart by the flat-felled seams on the one pair, and the lack of flat felling on the other pair. These pants are great, the knit lining makes them nice and warm, the supplex is semi-waterproof, and blocks the wind well.

As for the rest of my sewing contest entries, I hope to have them completed this week, so I’ll update you on it later. 🙂 Hope you have a happy Monday! 🙂


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