Stitching away!

I’m back in the sewing room, and *gasp* I’m making something for myself! I had traced off the pattern pieces for KS 3575 last night, and am going to make the belt from KS 3579 instead of the belt that goes with the dress. I wanted something to make it look a little different. I got the pieces for the belt traced off, got the pieces cut out, and started the elastic insertion before calling it quits for the evening. I’m kinda tired and that’s when I start making the dumb mistakes, so I figured now was a good time to put it down.

I took back the pattern KS 3275, after realizing that it was the wrong size, and exchanged it for KS 3579. To make the pajamas I purchased KS 3234, but had to get it from a different store. *sigh* Anyway, it looks like I’m on track, for now. As soon as I finish my dress (which I’ll need this weekend), I’ll get started on the pajamas. They shouldn’t take too long, except for the whole different sizes part. 😦 Why can’t all the kids I know just be the same size?! 😛

On a side note, how does one go about losing a pattern?! I lost a pattern that I planned to make up soon, and I don’t even know how that’s possible–I just cleaned up my sewing space for Pete’s sake! And no, it’s not in it’s file in the filing cabinet where it belongs…I already checked. 😦 Grrr!


3 thoughts on “Stitching away!

  1. Hi, Country Girl,
    I really don’t recommend grading seams like P commented on my blog. You really need to cut each seam allowance separately so each has it’s own width. Cutting on an angle isn’t going to give you enough of a difference to make the seam lay flat. Taking a little extra time and not cutting corners results in garments that look well made and nicely tailored. Just my opinion, though. 🙂


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