1 *almost* down, 3 to go

I started on my pajamas this morning. I’d been feeling kind of crappy today, so it was slow going, but while I’ve started to feel better, I think I am done sewing for the night.

In totally non-sewing-related news, I’m excited about how things have gone this week. 🙂 We decided to refinance our house, which our previous (current?) rate wasn’t bad, but the new rate is going to be AWESOME!! And we got an excellent appraisal for our house too!! They appraised our house significantly higher this time than last time. We aren’t going to borrow against it or anything, but it’s nice to know that our house is worth quite a bit more than we owe on it (in theory, of course!) I think out little projects went a long ways towards helping it along. 🙂 We haven’t done any of the major stuff yet, but some of the more “dated” stuff has been replaced which makes our house look a lot nicer.


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