*Whew* Holidays are officially over!

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS!! I’m so sick and tired of holiday dinners, family gatherings, horribly-behaved children (one of which was my own), sleep deprivation, last minute futzing about housecleaning, and just the general headaches that go along with the holidays. However, it’s over now, and I appreciate the return of my sanity–and the quiet–even more so because of it. How’s that for a positive outlook? 😉

So, for 2010, I decided that for the first time ever (yes, really) I would make a couple of resolutions.

1) Sew at least one pair of jeans.
2) Have no UFO’s at the end of 2010 (barring an actual WIP).
3) Sew myself at least one suit for job interviews
4) Be more active and energetic…and hopefully, lose 40 pounds along with it. 😉

What are your resolutions?


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