Sewing music

I was thinking as I was down cutting out some polar fleece pj’s for my son (more on that later) about the music that I listen to while I sew. I tend to listen to a couple of different types of things while I sew, depending on my mood, and of course, the time. During the morning, I like to listen to Neal Boortz, but I only get to listen to him for about 2 hours because then Rush Limbaugh comes on, and I really don’t care for Rush. After that, I switch over to FM radio and listen to my absolute favorite station since my high school years T95. I listen to a couple of other stations–and no, despite what the name of the blog might imply, not one of them is country music. 😉 Sorry to disappoint. 😛 What do y’all listen to while you work?

As promised, I have more on the polar fleece pj’s. I really don’t like polar fleece. I’ve never sewn it before, but even cutting it out is ticking me off like few things do. It’s hard to cut, makes little fuzzies everywhere (I’m scared of what my serger is going to do to it!), about the only nice thing I can say about it is that it’s soft and just adorable. This stuff is blue with dalmatians and little fire hydrants–my son should love it and look too stinkin’ cute. I plan to get some pictures of this (and some other completed projects) soon, so be on the lookout for a picture heavy post of that stuff.


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