Projects–Picture Heavy!

A while back I mentioned that I would upload some pictures of past projects. I also seem to recall warning that it would be picture heavy and that it might take a while to load. So, here it is.

First up is the shirt I find myself often reaching for in the closet…It’s hemmed right now, but I think I need to serge the raw edges because that metallic stuff is rather itchy and then re-hem it. Overall though, it’s comfy, looks nice, and I like the colors. As this was a fabric remnant using a $1 pattern and about $3 worth of fabric, it was also a pretty inexpensive shirt. 🙂

Broomstick Panne Velvet

I love the collar on it, so I’m giving you a closeup–it’s got one little pucker in it, but with the fabric you don’t notice it unless you are really looking for it. And so you know, if you see me wearing this shirt and walk up trying to see the pucker on it, I’m pretty sure I’m going to give you a good thwack on the head for being a little too close to my chest. Sorry. 😛

Collar closeup

My second favorite shirt, which I reach for anytime I know I’m going to be somewhere that has very minimal heating (because I’m a hot-blooded person) is this sweater knit that I stitched up from a remnant at my absolute favorite fabric store. All told this sweater cost about $5 and 2 hours of my time. Pretty awesome, eh? Pattern is KS 2856.

3/4 sleeve sweater

And remember those pajamas I made for Christmas presents? Here are two…I don’t have pictures of the other two.

B's PJ's

C's PJ's

And I made some footy PJ’s for my son, and they turned out to be a bit big, but he’ll grow into them quickly I’m sure. After this experience I learned that I’m really not a fan of polar fleece, it’s already started to kind of “pill” or whatever, and it’s only been washed once. 😦 Also, beware that the gripper fabric is kind of a pain to cut as well–you’ll want really sharp scissors. However, the end result still looks uber cute, and that’s what matters, right?

A's PJ's


2 thoughts on “Projects–Picture Heavy!

  1. Hi! I found your blog from your post over at Stitchers Guild/SWAP. Just wanted to mention that the “fleece that pills” is usually just plain ol’ polyester fleece – comes in a gazillion cute patterns and isn’t too spendy. Real “polarfleece” comes from Polartec in Massachusetts and can be purchased at Mill Direct Textiles* and various outdoor-type fabric shops. For cute jammies, Polartec is probably overkill, but if you ever want to make some outdoor type garments for an adult, real Polartec wears like iron and doesn’t pill. (I was sadly disappointed by some “no-pill” fleece that I bought at Joann Fabric) When I go visit my family back east, I try and get up to the store to bring home some “remnants” for future projects



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