KS 3506

Tomorrow I start on KS 3506 for the hubby. I’m taking his measurements tonight, and want these shirts to fit him properly, so I’ll have to be extra careful. Most of his RTW shirts have arms that are about 1″ too short and the….erm….bodice(?) is just HUGE in order to be long enough for his tall frame. So, I’ve decided to make a very careful muslin so that I can use it to make very careful adjustments to his shirts. I want them to really flatter his trim figure. (Did that just make me sound old? Or maybe like I’ve been reading WAY too many tailoring books from the 70’s of late? :-P)

After these shirts are finished I plan to start on the pants for him (KS 3267) out of some poly poplin that I got from Fabric.com. I got some in steel grey and some in navy that I think will be appropriate for his work. Plus, the pants should go with just about every shirt he owns, because they are relatively neutral colors. I’m really curious about how to put the permanent crease down the center front/back like RTW has though….the fabric doesn’t seem to wrinkle, and I’m scared that might mean that it won’t crease either.


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