You’re jealous, I can feel it….

Looky what I got for $12!


Screw you, Vogue and your $20 for an OOP pattern!

So anyway, moving on. 😛 Since DH has officially not been measured yet, nor has he decided whether he really needs or shirts more; I’m taking matters into my own hands and forcing him to be measured tonight and starting on the pants first. So, if you hear something akin to male screaming coming from casa de Couture, it’s because I had to hog-tie him to get his measurements. LOL! 😛

I’ve finally gotten over my case of nerves about starting them–now I’m mostly just looking forward to the challenge. And since we have a ton of snow on the ground right now, it looks like I’ll have ample time to work on them for the next few days. 8) Anyone else ready for Spring?! I know I am!

Well, I’m off to let the Wii kick my butt into a more desirable shape!


One thought on “You’re jealous, I can feel it….

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