New Butterick!

I got the email notification about the new lineup for Butterick today, and of course that meant that I had to check them out–especially since they mentioned this new feature about cutting lines to make their patterns dress/blouse/tunic length all in the same pattern. Now, I realize that it’s pretty simple to do this yourself, but sometimes I’m just a lazy seamstress. I’ll admit it. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the effort of doing it. I’m actually more excited about the “tunic length” option, because I get tired of making shirts longer so they don’t show my tummy while I’m reaching over my head–which I do often because I’m only 5’2″.

So anyway, on to my favorites. I’m really liking this shirt (views C & D):

Isn't it darling?

I’m also really liking the neckline on this one, but will probably need to wait until I reach my weight-loss goals, because I just don’t think it would look good on anyone that doesn’t have a slender neck:

I like the idea of this one as a shirt:

And wouldn’t the ruffled one make the most darling diaper bag for a friend that has a new baby girl? Assuming I had any “girly”-type friends who would appreciate it, and that were expecting a girl…LOL!

You should check them out, some of the dresses are semi cute (if I ever really wore dresses), but IMHO most of the other stuff is “meh” at best–especially the jackets. *Cringe*


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