So much for the quick project

Grrrrr! I decided that I wanted some workout pants a while back, but didn’t have enough fabric at the time so they got put on the back burner. Today was a kind of dreary day, so I took advantage of the opportunity to whip some up. Well, they are only *kinda* whipped up, because I ran into a couple minor setbacks and I decided to just walk away for a while. Once I get it together, they should only take about another 15 minutes to be wearable. Issue #1: somehow the ends of one pantleg didn’t match up–that was a time consuming (but simple) fix to rip out that seam and set my differential feed on the serger to straighten that out. As for issue #2, do you think you can spot it in the picture?


Good grief! You’d think I’ve never made pants before. :eyeroll: Note to self: Never try to shorten pantlegs while wearing pants without assistance. :eyeroll:


One thought on “So much for the quick project

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