What am I thinking?

After reading the Selfish Seamstress’ blog post about making her own jeans, I had to purchase that pattern. So now, I have 3 different jeans patterns to try out, (Vogue 8202, Jalie 2908, and HotPatterns 1036) and not nearly enough courage to bite the bullet. I’m also not sure about the proper degree of stretch denim to use so that they don’t threaten to drop to my ankles by noon. Seems like that’s the problem I’ve had with every pair of RTW stretch jeans that I’ve ever purchased. If only I’d have kept any of them so that I could look and see the fabric content so that I know to avoid that ratio. *sigh* Anyone else have that problem with jeans that stretch too much during the course of the day and you wonder whether you are about to be put in an embarrassing situation?

I also got a nice little “present” from my hubby yesterday. He really knows me well. 🙂

Isn’t that the cutest little sleeve board ever? 🙂 He got it from a store in a neighboring town where they have several of these that are handmade by local people. The people around here are very crafty and make a lot of their own things, which is different, but sometimes in a cool way. 🙂


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