Thank God I sew!

I’m a little late to the “ModCloth” bandwagon, but holy crap! Their clothes are ridiculously expensive! Some of them are just too cute though, so I am going to figure out how to knock off some of these myself.

ModCloth Sidesaddle Shirt

ModCloth Swiss Mist Tunic

ModCloth Jurisdiction Dress

I actually have a pattern that would work for tweaking into the Jurisdiction dress–only thing I’d need would be the collar, and I might even be able to draft one of those myself….key words there being “might be able to”.

(Most likely) No sewing today, I’ve got to clean up my horribly unorganized/messy/pigsty of a sewing area. When I lost my pincushion and my little bodkin, I decided that I needed to do a clean-up session. Plus my scissors are buried somewhere underneath a random pile of fabric (which is strewn everywhere), and my little pieces of thread are clogging up the wheels on my little rolling chair. 😦 Sometimes I wonder if I have some sort of weird weather situation in my basement that causes freak tornadoes to tear through my sewing area when I’m not there….surely I’m not the one making such a huge mess!?! 😛


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