Sewing Room Facelift Part 2.

*Sigh* Home improvement drama–ya gotta love it! *eye rolls*

So, I worked really hard today on getting the paint on the walls. Buuuuuuuuut…..there’s this one teensy little issue. Before we get to that though, perhaps we should rewind a bit.

When I handed the guy the paint chip thingy at the store yesterday, I was excited. I loved the color on the chip, and thought it would go nicely with some fabric from my stash to make curtains with, in a word–perfect. So, I cheerfully waited while the mixer thing mixed up the paint, they put the little test dollop on the top of the can, and I went on my merry way. Now, I had noticed when they put the dollop on that it looked significantly more blue than my little paint chip thingy, but I figured that once it dried it would change.

It didn’t, but I decided that I liked the color anyway, and besides, I probably had enough green going on in my house.***** So, still unruffled I began the chore of painting. While I was painting the third wall (or somewhere thereabouts) I noticed that the paint had finally started to dry on the first wall.

*GASP* WTH?!?! My pretty light turquoise-y blue is more like a weird navy-ish blue! (Except for the floor splatters, the bits in my hair and on my clothes–those all look like they are supposed to.) This isn’t going to work! I have a basement sewing room with two puny little windows for natural light and a ceiling fan with 3 lights for the only additional lighting in the room. 😦 Why me?! So, now I either have to live with it or come up with a fix….*sigh*…..maybe I’ll have figured something out by tomorrow. Stay tuned.

***** Ed. Note: Why is it that my paint has NOT ONCE ever matched the little paint chip thingy? What gives? Even if it looks right on their little dollop it NEVER looks the same on my wall. 😦 I just want the paint to match the chip thingy!!!! If you can’t do that, why provide them in the first place?!?! [/rant]

One thought on “Sewing Room Facelift Part 2.

  1. Get some white paint add water to thin it, use a sponge and lightly dab it over your blue. Will make a cool cloudish look and lighten your room too!


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