Ah, Shoes

I’ll confess, I’ve never been one of those gals that has a shoe fetish/obsession/whatever you want to call it. I like to buy one or two pairs of shoes that suit every occasion, are black (so they go with everything), and until now–they’ve had to be cheapie shoes. Screw it. I’m tired of shelling out $20 for shoes that sit in my closet because they kill my feet and I dread wearing them. Because really, I’ve spent more money on $20 shoes that were donated to charity that haven’t hardly been worn than I would have spent buying decent shoes to start with. My biggest problem is that I can’t decide which ones I like best, and don’t know for sure of anywhere locally to try some of these on (because I really would like to make sure of the comfort before I shell out $100 for some shoes).

I’ve been told that there are a few brands that are considered to be uber comfortable, so these are the only ones I searched through. (Clarks, Sofft, Mephisto, & Born if you were curious. 😉 There are others, but I didn’t find any to suit my taste.) So anyway, to quote Shannon: “On to the pretties!” (Click on any of the images to buy your own. :-))

I’m looking at the black versions of all of these, however a couple of the non-black versions would be OK should I suddenly hit the lottery jackpot. But, I’d have to buy a ticket for that to happen. 😛


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