The “tire guy”

In my house I wear all sorts of “hats”, meaning, I have many jobs. I can sew, clean, cook, mother, repair/replace plumbing fixtures, paint (sorta), do oil changes, and apparently, be the “tire guy”. (Link totally NSFW, and probably NSF anyone under age 14, and my results are WAY better…just sayin’. ;-))

Anyway, my son went on this little spree a couple of weeks ago where he pulled the tires off of all of his little tractors and implements. Here’s a photo of some of the carnage:


He’d even taken these little teeny tires off of his baler. 😦


Almost every single tire on all of these little toy tractors (with the exception of inside duals) were put back on today. 😦 If he does this again, he’s not going to have any more little tractors. 😑



2 thoughts on “The “tire guy”

  1. LOL, I remember those days with your little brother. I can promise you he will remove them again. Good luck with the war. πŸ™‚


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