Breakfast update!

Remember how I said that I made some McD’s style breakfast sandwiches the other morning? Well, it’s official: I can no longer even force myself to eat an actual McD’s breakfast sandwich after having one of my homemade ones…the fast food ones simply taste like salted plastic, whereas mine actually taste like food. It’s quite an eye opening experience. I’m going to have to break out some sausage for the next batch, which will need to be made up stat, since the ones in the freezer are nearly gone. 😯 I’ll bet with some good quality sausage they’ll be even better than they are with bacon! 🙂

Instead of using a muffin tin though, I think I’m going to find something more along the lines of this little doodad. It’s a mini tartlet pan, and I think if it has bigger wells to put the eggs into that would work much better. I would guess you’d have to up the amount of eggs/well though. I’m guessing around 1/3 cup? Hard to know for sure without seeing it. I have my doubts it would work with the whole eggs though–you’d probably need to scramble them for them to cook evenly.

Next up I’m going to have to give these Chalupas a try–after all, it was my idea that he make them…be kind of silly to wimp out now, wouldn’t it?


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