Let the celebration commence!

Today is my (26th) birthday, and Friday was our 5th (*whoa!*) wedding anniversary. My wonderful hubby has somehow managed to put up with all of my moodiness, quirks, and everything else for the past 5 years. 😉 In honor of the occasion, we made the *super* budget trip to Kansas City (sans kiddo) and got to do some wandering around the city. Unfortunately I missed out on the one fabric store that I was told to visit (Kallan’s???) which was a bummer since I was told that they have some fabulous fabric there. 😦

For the sake of readability, here’s the bullet points of where we went:

  • *WW1 Museum (totally not my thing, but the guys seemed to enjoy it.)
    *Visited an old roommate from college (he went with us to a couple of the sites, and we enjoyed the visit.)
    *Union Station (the model train section would have enthralled my son, we’re going to try and take him sometime.)
    *Federal Reseve (no money was being printed–but they did do some shredding and sorting. Kind of a neat place to visit, just remember you’ll need your DL so that they can run a background check on you or something.)
    *Nelson-Atkin’s Museum of Art (we spent 4 hours there and still didn’t see everything! The sculptures definitely were NOT to my taste.)
    *Crown Center (we went shopping there for something for the kiddo, and also something for our neighbors who took care of our kitty while we were away.)
    *Legends (bought some decent clothes for hubby, a pair of jeans for me at a couple of the outlet stores.)
    *We also went to this extremely expensive restaurant where they cook the food on this metal plate in the center of the table. The restaurant thing was totally awesome–the food was fabulous, they put on a very cool show, and you definitely got plenty to eat!
  • So yeah, it was a bummer to leave, there were a couple more things I’d have liked to have seen, but we think we’re going to try and go back sometime fairly soon with our son. There were a lot of activities for families that seemed interesting, and some of them were even free. Definitely a good way to celebrate, especially if you’re on a budget. 🙂 I’ll try to get some pictures up in the next couple of days or so.


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