This morning was quite entertaining for everyone but my DS, who had found a tick somewhere and it had latched onto his head. At first we just tried to pull it out, but it was stuck really well, and we didn’t want to pull it’s head off, so we tried a different method.

Somewhere in many thousands of emails we had read to try using Vaseline….I can personally vouch that if this idea is used (at least on someone’s head) it absolutely DOES. NOT. WORK.

In fact, it just makes for a really nasty mess to clean up later. 😑 So yeah, as I suspected, Vaseline is pretty hard to get out of hair, although, with some peanut butter ( ❓ don’t ask me, I found it online somewhere!) and some of my clarifying shampoo it finally came out. I suppose that all the scrubbing and such did loosen the tick up though, because after that we were able to pick him out with minimal difficulties, excluding the fact that my son was fed up with everyone messing around with his head/hair at that point and was fighting us off with everything he had–he’s going to be quite a scrapper, *sniff* makes me so proud. πŸ™‚

But the best part? After I pulled the little sucker (no pun intended…well, maybe intended πŸ˜› ) out, IT WAS STILL ALIVE!!! 15 minutes of Vaseline isn’t enough to suffocate a tick!! So I threw the tick in the bathroom sink, my son got to check him out and ask all kinds of questions about the silly thing (as it crawled around in my bathroom sink–yick!) before I finally was allowed to wash it down the drain.

*Whew* Let’s hope the boy never finds another tick–I’m not sure I can deal with all that drama again!


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