Satan’s skating dress

I’ve never been so glad to finish a project in my life! This little skate dress has brought me nearly to tears!

I know, it looks totally innocuous–cute, in fact–but that’s only because you weren’t trying to work on it. 😡 This was brought to me because the little girl it was made for (who is adorable and NOT Satan-like in ANY way that I know of 😉 ) couldn’t get her arms in the sleeves very well. I had decided that it would be easiest to rip open the white velvet part of the sleeves, put in some white metal eyelets, lace it with some white ribbon, and presto! a nicely fitting skate dress. Apparently, I’m extremely naive. 🙄

I should start by mentioning that I live in a small town in the middle of pretty much nowhere. The nearest city to buy sewing supplies is around an hour away, and Jo-Ann’s is pretty much my go-to place for most odd notions. I made an effort to go to Jo-Ann’s so that I could purchase some of the little white eyelets, only to find that they only carry a miscellaneous pack containing a mix of colors (most of which are a dark brown for some obscure reason). Note to Dritz: The most commonly needed colors for these sorts of things would probably be BLACK, WHITE, RED, & BEIGE, just sayin’. Anyway, no biggie I thought, if I buy two packs, there’ll surely be enough white ones to do this little project, right? NOPE. I get home, open the packages, and discover that between the two packages there are only enough white ones to do part of ONE sleeve! 😮 Thankfully, at this point, I decide to wait until I can go to Jo-Ann’s again before I commit to doing the white eyelets. Which brings me to reason number two as to why this little dress should belong to Satan and not some cute little girl…

Wooly nylon! Covering that pantyhose-like fabric that is underneath the velvet on the sleeves! Horror! I only THOUGHT I’d used wooly nylon before, apparently the stuff I use is NOT the same level of fuzzy awful-ness that is this stuff! Ripping out those serged stitches was enough to push a saint to swear, no lie. I wish I would have had the foresight to photograph the huge pile of fuzz I had after I ripped out the whole 12 inches of stitching that I needed to remove from the sleeves. And the thread wasn’t the only tricky part–trying to keep from snagging the pantyhose-like material it was surrounding wasn’t easy either, but I did manage to get it done with no harm to that lining fabric.

So anyway, all of that whining, swearing, sweating, and near-crying later, I had this:

I think it actually looks pretty nice. The little girl is thrilled that it fits, and it actually looks kind of cool when she’s got it on and the laces are held more open. BTW, notice that the eyelets are silver? Thankfully, I went to a different Jo-Ann’s, and they had packs of them in silver (the first Jo-Ann’s didn’t), which actually went nicely with the little holographic dots all over the skirt. 😀

Now I can relax. *Whew*. 🙂


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