Mish-Mash (Picture Heavy)

No real rhyme or reason today, just some random thoughts and pictures. 🙂

I finally found one–I found a designer that suits my fancy, and her name is Blanka Matragi. I L.O.V.E. her colors, her classy designs, the flowing fabric, and the intricate details (because there is very little I love more than intricate details). Know what else I love? No models that look like they should be dates for the Cryptkeeper or desperately hoping to eat “braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsss”, and in the fashion world of today that seems to be a rarity. Kudos to Blanka for choosing beautiful women and leaving them that way. You can see all of her designs from the link, but here’s a few of my favorites that I totally wish I could own someday.

LOVE the back on this one!

Yesterday was my DH’s 3rd annual Father’s Day celebration, and in honor of that very monumental occasion, we did what everyone does around this time of year….we cut wheat. What?! Everyone doesn’t do that?! Oh. Well, I guess they don’t know the fun times they are missing out on then. 😉 It was hot the first part of the afternoon, but it cooled down to a decent temperature fairly early in the evening, and so a good time was had by all. Gotta admit though–those late nights are harder than they used to be…we must be out of practice from our college days. 😛

On a related note; I made (OK, I’m still making) my darling husband some shirts for work. He wears business casual 5 days a week, and some of his shirts were looking less “business casual” and more “Goodwill has sold this shirt 3 times!” As soon as I finish them I’m planning to post pictures–preferably modeled by the man himself. I’m pretty excited, I tried a new-to-me technique, french seams! Now the insides look almost as pretty as the outside! 🙂 And they are surprisingly easy and don’t take too much more time than stitching and then serging the edges like I normally do.

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