Newfound love

Homemade potato chips? Yes, please! After Nick posted his version the other day on his blog, I decided that I absolutely had to try to make my own. We had some potatoes from our garden experiment, (Kennebec?? white potatoes) so I dug them up, washed, sliced, and fried my very own batch.

This picture only has about half of the total chips (minus the ones we all filched from the pie plate 😉 ) because the rest were still cooking at that point, and I only used about 5 potatoes total. One thing I learned though is to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that your potato slices are dry before putting them into the oil–otherwise they don’t cook quite as nicely. They also take a while to cook, much longer than I would have expected. Nick wasn’t kidding when he said around 8 minutes! 😮

My little guy must have really liked them, because he kept sneaking up and stealing them off the plate. He’s surprisingly sneaky, you’d never know he was doing it if he didn’t start giggling and hugging them to his chest as he ran away. 😆

We are going to have to see how well they hold up for leftovers–though I snuck one a little bit ago and it was still crunchy after around 3 hours of sitting if that’s any indication.


One thought on “Newfound love

  1. wow! thats soooo cool that you made your own potato chips! so you just get a potato, cut it into slices, dry it out, dip it in oil, and cook it for 8 mins? WOW! that easy! i have to try that!


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