Do you ever have days…

…where nothing seems to go right? The mojo is there, you are excited about the task at hand, but everything you touch just goes to crap? I’m there, have been for coming up on a week. 😦

Last Saturday I had this genius idea. I can whip up a shirt for the holiday weekend and not wear the same thing I always wear when I’m planning to go somewhere nice (or wear my default–a t-shirt that I’ve stolen from the hubby). So, I proceed to dig through my pattern stash (which has outgrown its confines) and I find Vogue 2850, an Anna Sui pattern that is adorable. I pick out View C, grade up a size (or two) and proceed to cut out my pieces. Thankfully, I had my brain switched into the “on” position that day, because I decided that I was going to cut out a muslin version before I dove into my pretty fabric (which was, embarrassingly enough, probably cheaper than the muslin… 😳 ) Anyway, so I’m putting this together, fully prepared to figure out how much of an FBA I needed, pleasantly surprised to discover it didn’t need one at all 😯 so continued merrily on my way. Fast forward a couple of hours. I’ve got the whole outer bodice completed, the only thing missing were two inner “bra cup” (Ha!) pieces, tried it on, and hubby gave me “the look”. You know the one; it’s the “if you plan to wear that in public I swear I’m not going to make eye contact with you or anyone else and will try my darnedest not to look affiliated with you in any way” look….which now that I re-read that sounds oddly like a disclaimer for a used car commercial. I gave up on that one…

The next morning, I’m still thinking of a way to try and get something made up for the festivities, because once I’ve got something in my head, it’s really hard for me to just let it go–especially when I’ve got the mojo goin’ on! So I again visit my trusty pattern stash, this time on the hunt for something knit because they generally sew up faster. Aha! I discover Vogue 8251 in a totally random location, and read the fabric suggestions on the back. The only knit in my stash that will stretch that much was some gorgeous turquoise slinky….can you tell where this is going? So after I wrestled the slinky into submission cut it out, I started to stitch. And as I stitched I noticed a strange phenomenon….like some sort of adolescent on steroids the fabric had begun to grow…and grow….and grow! 😯 So, it’s in the trash.

Fast forward to last night. My son has a birthday party coming up (didn’t want to try and do it during the holiday weekend) and is desperately in need of some new pajamas since his old ones are getting too tight (which for anyone who has seen my little man they know that this is quite a feat considering how scrawny he is) and so I thought that I would make him some out of some fabric he had mentioned liking a while back. Now my left serger needle keeps breaking, and I’m pretty much out of needles. If I don’t have any brilliant ideas by tomorrow, I’m going to have to make a run to town for more needles and the opportunity to throw my serger out the window visit my dealer to see if he can figure it out.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow goes better. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do you ever have days…

  1. Oh man, do I know how that goes – both the look from the husband and THAT DAMN STRETCH. It’s like the universe is telling you to go to Macy’s. You have all my sympathies, kid.

    Incidentally, this fabric shop near me has a quilting-weight cotton print of sock monkeys wheeling around an aqua sky. Hilarious. I bought three yards – and I can’t even claim to be making up something for a child. I’m making myself some jammies.


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