Funny things always happen to me…

…whenever I go out shopping. There’s always some sort of comical unexpected event that comes from my shopping excursions, and today was no exception. I was in need of some *ahem* undergarments for a dress that I’m making for a wedding, so I headed to the city in an effort to either buy supplies to make them myself or buy one that was already made. While I was at the mall, I saw the big “Dick’s Sporting Goods” logo, and thought to myself “Self, hubby has been needing some *ahem* undergarments for his swim trunks for a while now and you haven’t been able to find them elsewhere, perhaps this is the place to find that which you seek.” And the clouds parted and the sun shone brightly upon me as I made my way to the door, (yes, really!) and so I made my way towards the nearest clerk. Said clerk was probably all of about, oh, 15 years old, male, and a bit unsure of himself when I stopped to ask for help. I blurt out, “can you help me find the, uh, I think they’re called jock straps?” After turning an interesting shade of red, looking at me up and down (as though he had thoughts that the object in question was for me??), and finally deciding that I was indeed serious, he directed me where I needed to go. Talk about an awkward moment!

Then, since it was just me, and I had forgotten my phone in the car and couldn’t double check, there was another awkward moment when I queried as to the return policy on such items–the cashier (also male) was like–“uh, it’s a jock strap–there’s no way you can return it if it’s opened!” I assured him that my husband would know whether it would be the right size or not based on the waist measurement, and should the clerk be reading this, he can rest easy–I have no need of returning the item. 😉

All in all though, it was a successful day–I achieved undergarment success! 😛


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