Things that tick me off Thursday

Ah, it’s that time of the week again….which is great because I have something that just really ticks me off beyond anything today.

First, some background; I’m on a mini-vacation–which means that I can (and will) dress in jeans and a t-shirt for comfort (or as comfortable as one can be when it’s humid and 100-ish degrees outside.) It was also HOT outside…I’d wager to bet that you could cook not only an egg on the sidewalk, but you could probably quickly burn a steak as well. No one looks fabulous on their mini-vacations when it’s this hot outside. NO ONE.

So anyway, I’m out and about doing some shopping while I’m here…on my mini-vacation…and where is it that I want to shop? For clothes and fabric, of course! This is where the irritation comes in…DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT EVER give me a sneer and tell me where the “sale” table is or otherwise hint that I might not be able to buy out the store. If I’m there, I have every intention of spending money, period. I don’t go shopping for the fun of it, because not only do I rank shopping right up there with getting wisdom teeth pulled, but did I mention it was frickin’ HOT? However, as a store owner, if you do that, I’ll calmly walk out the door…never to come back unless the store changes ownership….maybe. I hope that everyone else has the courage to do the same, because being a judgemental jerk isn’t synonymous with great customer service. Man, it’s killing me, but I’m not even going to mention the names of the stores that I dealt with this in…perhaps I’m losing some of my witchy-ness?

After all that though, there was a bright spot in my shopping endeavors. I found a pair of dress pants that fit well, so maybe I’ll be able to kind of copy their sizing into my Jalie pattern and having two pairs of dress pants. I also want to let you guys know (without naming actual names) that a clothing store that rhymes with San Baylor has incredible customer service–they bent over backwards to help me, and if I had more money to spend there, I’d have bought even more. It was a breath of fresh air after the rest of my shopping experience. 🙂


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