Now I understand….

…why underwear are so darn expensive! I mean, it seems like they shouldn’t cost much of anything to make…but they are so wasteful! I thought I would be smart and use some scraps to make a few pairs of cute underwear (and use up some of those pesky scraps while I was at it), but little did I know that it would be really hard to do that unless you were making underwear for either kids, or maybe for men with all the pattern pieces for men’s underwear. Since they use only two or three pieces for women’s (unless you want seams everywhere) they are a lot more wasteful than I would have imagined. 😦 Guess I’ll just stick to buying them from now on, especially now that I’ve found a kind that I like….Lord help me if they suddenly discontinue them though!


2 thoughts on “Now I understand….

  1. HI
    Don’t give up on making underwear. Isis made a blog I read from blogspot suggested that you can make them out of old t-shirts that you don’t like any more. Then you are not wasting fabric, just saving a t-shirt from becoming a dust-rag.
    Just something to keep in mind if they do stop making your favourite sort!


  2. Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your suggestion and support. I kept forgetting to do that. 😳 The t-shirt idea is a good one, so I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind for the future. 🙂 Thanks!


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