In a word, today sucked. 😦 I went downstairs with every intention of working on my “back to school” sewing for my kiddo (and finishing up some for myself) only to discover an inch of water covering a good portion of my basement floor. I spent most of the day using the shop vac to suck the water up and then drying it with a mop (at first) and then with rags. Nothing was damaged, but there is still a lot of stuff that needs time to dry out completely. Thankfully, it was just in the big “living area” and not where my sewing machines were. I’ve got the fans going as fast as they go and have the A/C turned down to like 65*F in an effort to dry it out.

I suppose on a somewhat good note, I know where the low spots in the floor are, and just how much lower they are than the rest of it. 😕 But, on a crappy note, water is still seeping in, so I’m going to be changing out towels that absorb the water as it comes through the wall for an indeterminate amount of time. 😦

Right now I’m tired from being hunched over sucking up the water, and thankful it wasn’t an expensive plumbing issue and didn’t ruin anything.

I’m going to have to grab my dad by the scruff of his neck and have him come grade my yard…….I never want to repeat this experience.


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