Living Room Ceiling Fan

Today, we replaced the ceiling fan in our living room…I know, it’s not terribly exciting to everyone else, but it was a MAJOR upgrade for us. 😉 The old one was ugly, it didn’t work right (it was all–lights & fan–or nothing), and a royal pain to clean with those ugly little “wood weave” inserts in it. It looked kind of like this one (which is actually the one from the kitchen, but somewhat similar):

D & M, (my in-laws) were generous to us for our anniversary in April, and gave us a check big enough to cover the purchase of this fan. Thanks D & M!! Isn’t it perdy?

The new one has 5 blades instead of 4, is a 52″ span instead of 48″, moves a lot more air, and has 4 speeds instead of 3. I also prefer the silvertone over the hideous “aged bronze” or whatever the old one was. And it works like it should! Yay! No more unscrewing the light bulbs during the day to run the fan! 🙂 It’s even shorter (14″ from ceiling to the bottom of the lights instead of 16″) than the old one, so it’s easier to walk under with our short ceilinged “mid century ranch” AKA the “retro ranch”. 😉

If you want one of your very own, here’s the specs:
Make: Hunter
Model: Builder’s Select Plus #28613
Height: 14″ (-ish) including light kit if you flush mount it.
Span: 52″
Color: Nickel
Light kit: Yes, 3-60W Candelabra bulbs
Blade Colors: Faux Wood Cherry or a light colored (almost white) Faux Wood.

We found it via Ace Hardware’s website, though we actually picked it up/paid for it at our local Ace Hardware, for around $105.

Compared to some others we looked at that we would have had to compromise on something to get, this one had all the features/requirements we needed (namely the height including the light kit and flush mount option) and was quite a bargain. Be warned though–it takes those little candelabra bulbs–they are 60W ones, so they are bright enough, but I don’t know of any florescent style bulbs (yet) that have such a small base in case that’s a deal breaker for you. Otherwise it’s perfect for those of us with the low ceilings that it’s so hard to find light fixtures/ceiling fans for.

Now if we could just buy about 3 more of these for the other rooms upstairs…. 😛

Now I’m off to put the old one on Freecycle (minus the light kit) in case someone who needs one wants it. 🙂


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