Too many irons in the fire

I’m not sure where that saying came from, but based on what I know to be its meaning it definitely applies. I’ve got several projects going on right now, and I don’t seem to be doing a decent job getting anywhere with any of them. Here’s what I’m working on:

    *Building two bookshelves (which are time consuming because I’m making them have adjustable shelves and have to drill out each hole individually).
    *Sewing up two or three pairs of pants for my son.
    *Reupholstering/cleaning a chair.
    *Sewing up two garments for myself.

It doesn’t seem nearly as impressive on this list, but it seems a lot more daunting in real life. Sometimes I wonder why I always seem to insist on doing multiple projects at once–especially since I always get to the point that I’m at now where I just want to ignore all the projects and do something else. I wonder if other people do these same sorts of crazy things…?


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