Things that tick me off Thursday

You have GOT to be kidding. I mean c’mon! This is ridiculous!

So last night, I broke out my handy little sewing tape measure to check my measurements and make sure they were still accurate before digging in. I measured my chest, my waist, my hips….WHOA! Back up! What? So I remeasured. Sure enough, I’ve lost an inch and a quarter from my hips! An INCH & a QUARTER!

OK, so I’m pretty happy about that–ecstatic even….I think. And I bet you are wondering where the part that ticks me off comes in, right? Well, now that I’ve lost 1.25″ off my hip measurement, my waist measurement is less than 3″ smaller than my hips! 😮 So while I’m thrilled to lose some of my hips, WHY couldn’t it have come off of my waist/stomach instead?! That’s the part I want gone!

I’m really torn right now….I don’t know whether to be confused about why it came off my hips first, irritated that it didn’t come off my stomach, or just thrilled that I’ve lost inches somewhere in general. Who knows, maybe I’m just crazy.


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