Things that tick me off Thursday…again!

Ack! I get really annoyed when quality control fails to do its job. Wouldn’t that just save everyone a headache? Or do they think we won’t notice that the paint is all scratched up and that the miters in one corner of the door are welded crooked by almost a 1/16th of an inch (which leaves bare metal exposed to rust)?! This was a rather expensive SCREEN DOOR for Pete’s sake! Thankfully, it appears that they are going to work with us on getting it replaced, but still, it should never have left the factory to begin with! It definitely will make me think twice before ordering from this company–not because they don’t stand behind their product–but because I shouldn’t have to deal with the hassle in the first place!

So, our adventures in home improvement came to a grinding, screeching, teenager-with-a-stick-shift, halt. After that we just decided that home improvement wasn’t high on the priority list for the day. So hubby and the kiddo sprayed weeds and I got some stuff ready for supper (and made a banana bread recipe that I fear will be a FAIL). My banana bread sure smells good though, and I have to say that they’re the most beautiful pair of loaves I’ve ever seen, so I could still be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

*********Edited to add: The banana bread is delicious! Even without the nuts! 🙂

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