Move over, Victoria!

I no longer need to spend somewhere between $50 and $80 for just one of your “Secrets” anymore! For a $10 pattern (Kwik Sew 3300) and $15-ish in notions/fabric, I can make my own bras that fit great and are cuter than yours for my oddly hard-to-find size. And, as soon as I get a bit more comfortable with the process, I plan to start tweaking it, since I L.O.V.E. me a front closing bra!

So anyway, here’s the awesome bra that I made! 🙂 Sorry that it doesn’t fit the miniature soccer ball/volleyball as well as it fits me. 😉

In the second picture (same bra) you can see the cool insert a bit better, it’s black with orange swirls, and my hubby thinks that it looks awesome too. 😉

I went with the 38DD, but I think I’ll shave it down to a 37D-ish next time. The upper cups are just a bit more loose than I prefer, and the band isn’t exactly snug even on the tightest notch. I kind of figured this would happen since it’s the same problem I have with every other bra I’ve bought, and the pattern suggests going by my RTW size. I’m just a smidge too big for the 36 band, and a smidge too small for the 38. 🙄 Thankfully, on one I made myself I have the option to tweak it.

I really like the inset fabric, and that I have enough to make another version and a couple pairs of panties to match. 😉 I’ve also got some red w/black lace and a really cool sheer that is multiple shades of dark grey. A woman I know also offered me her supplies that she’s had since her daughters moved out of the house–I guess she used to make bras for them when they still lived at home, and now that they’re all grown up she doesn’t do it anymore….so she’s giving her stuff to me for FREE!! 😀 Woo-Hoo! 🙂


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