Hot dogs and other fun kid things

Last night for supper I needed one hot dog to complete the meal, since I was already started to cooking, I sent the menfolk downstairs to bring a package up from the freezer. I mean, surely they can handle that, right? Time passed, and I never saw the hot dogs. Naturally, I assumed that meant that my menfolk couldn’t find any hot dogs in the deep freeze, and proceeded to work the recipe around that. No biggie.

Fast forward to later in the evening when I’m getting ready for bed. I open the closet doors, which are, natch, shoved to my side because hubby always leaves his side open, and lo and behold! My previously frozen package of hot dogs! Sitting there, melting and sweating all over my carpeted closet floor. While some details are a bit fuzzy, apparently my son was sent to give me the package, but somehow got sidetracked and ended up in his favorite hiding spot…?? The world may never know. 🙄 😆

In other news, today I got the kiddo’s costume together. Originally, he was going to be the Archangel Gabriel, but he decided to be a cat. More specifically, he wants to be our cat. Which aside from being a gender impossibility, is probably a bit odd. However, I finally caved, and so he’s going to be a cat. With a pretty purple collar, just like our kitty. And he has to be an all black kitty too, because our kitty is solid black…

Here’s what I have so far:

It’ll be worn with a black hoodie (which I just happened to find on sale today!) and black pants. I still have to make the tail. I think it’s going to be cute. 🙂


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