Things that tick me off Thursday

It’s the last of these for 2010, so I suppose I should make it a good one, eh?

Today the “victim” of my wrath is Hancock Fabrics, for a couple reasons.

1. I asked about a dressform and was met with…”uh, what is that?” Really?! You work in a FABRIC STORE and you are clueless as to what a dressform is? And of course you don’t know anything about them, since you didn’t even know what they were (though I was really hoping it was just a ditz-moment caused by being caught off-guard)…..Regardless, where is the training? Shouldn’t you be schooled on at least the basics so that you can at least pretend to help customers with a bit more than just “the elastic is two aisles that way”? I wouldn’t want to walk into a plumbing supply store to buy parts where the employees don’t even know what a toilet is, or a feed store to purchase feed from someone who’s never actually seen a real live horse.

2. So, please tell me which “competitors coupons” you actually do take? I mean, do you not take Jo-Ann’s coupons, or just not certain coupons, or only on certain days of the week/month/year? There’s signs all over the door proudly proclaiming that you accept competitor coupons as long as they aren’t expired, but when I go to use one; “I’m sorry, we don’t accept the 10% off your total purchase coupons”….Grrrrr! And why do your own coupons have to be so ridiculous? “You can purchase anything on the notions wall with that 40% off notions coupon–except that thing located squarely on the notions wall that you were looking to purchase–so sorry!”

I’ve heard that not all Hancock Fabrics are as bad as the two closest to me and I’ve been in one outside of KC that was pretty decent with courteous, knowledgeable staff, but that’s a long way from home, so I’ve officially decided to never set foot in one again. I’d just rather go to a better stocked (and cleaner!) Jo-Ann’s or support a local business owner instead.


2 thoughts on “Things that tick me off Thursday

  1. I feel your pain. I live in yhe UK with no chain fabric stores in smaller cities, but when I go home to my mom in Florida the local Hancocks is dishevelled and down at the heel.


  2. The Hancocks store that was the closest, with the courteous, helpful staff and well stocked store was closed down leaving the evil one I hate. Not only is this now a 40 minute drive across a toll bridge but the staff the same as yours (except English is not the first or second language so the language barrier is high). The store is poorly stocked and rarely cleaned. The ultimate deal breaker is that is in a very high crime area – as in you could get mugged in broad daylight walking the few steps from your car to the store.

    Come to think of it, that may explain the incredibly poor customer service, too. The hiring pool is um, less than desirable.

    I wrote to corporate head quarters and got nothing but excuses so I stopped shopping there.


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