What size am I?

I was looking at some patterns today for a bra-making company (Merckwaerdigh) and I realized that there was a pretty significant difference in bra sizing around the world. It’s funny how ignorant you can be about things that happen outside your country, isn’t it? Anyway, I found this nifty bra size converter, so now I’ll always be able to figure out that if I’m shopping in Europe my bra size is 85F, or if I’m in Australia I’m a 16DD, and a 38E in the UK–and they have some REALLY awesome lingerie sites in the UK, so that’s REALLY handy to know! 😉


2 thoughts on “What size am I?

  1. Lingerie from Britain is the absolute best, IMO. Esp if you have a narrow back and larger breasts. They all seem to be cutting to that sloper for some reason. Much better than the French bras – which are all skimpy in the cups.


    • They definitely have some gorgeous stuff that you can get from there, that’s for sure. Every site I’ve seen that has sexy, yet practical lingerie has been a UK site.


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