Do you ever buy groceries thinking that you’d like to try a new recipe and then either lose motivation, forget, have a change of heart, etc.? I do it all the time…we could probably cut the grocery budget by at least a quarter if I didn’t do these impulse purchases based on some recipe I found on someone else’s blog or in a cookbook somewhere.

Case in point? Cranberries.

I bought cranberries sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas with the intention of making this recipe. Somewhere along the way I lost interest (or just got lazy?) and so the cranberries sat in the fridge taking up space and slowly rotting. 😦 Today, I was reading another blog (see how this is a slippery slope?) and I found this recipe. However, it sounded so easy and quick I decided that surely I could make it. And so I did. Right now I can’t tell you how incredibly good my kitchen smells (I added some cinnamon for a little extra “something”). Out of two bags of cranberries, only about 1 bag worth was still any good, but at least I salvaged some, right? 😳

Hopefully, I’m not the only one with this confession?


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