Tuna Casserole

Today for lunch we tried this recipe for Tuna Noodle Casserole.

Here’s our review in a nutshell: MAKE THIS!! It is very good, though a fair amount of work, since you are essentially making your own “cream of whatever soup”. It uses a fair amount of dishes, which is a big con for those of us who do dishes the old fashioned way, but it’s probably worth it since it makes quite a bit (two meals worth for our family of three with maybe an extra single portion–depends on how hungry the hubby is).

Notes for next time:
1) Definitely mince the mushrooms again–that worked fabulous this time, and hid them from my son who can’t decide from day-to-day what he likes and doesn’t like.
2) Maybe add more noodles? I think this would go even farther with significantly smaller portions if there were a few more noodles.
3) Be creative with the veggies–we liked the peas, but I bet you could do spinach, broccoli, carrots, whatever.
4) Double it to see how it freezes, I’ll bet it would freeze nicely, and that would help balance out the number of dishes used.
5) You can’t beat a combination of cheap and healthy, can you? Especially if it tastes good. 😉
6) You’re gonna need every bit of a 12″ skillet to make this, but if you had a good-sized dutch oven, (not one of the oval ones) that would probably work too.

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below!

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